Etsy is the largest online market for handmade items, vintage goods, and craft supplies, with millions of shoppers around the world. In Etsy’s customer research, shoppers have told them that product photos are critical to their purchase decision. Actually, it’s their most important factor when they’re deciding to buy - even more important than the postage cost, customer reviews, or even the price of the item itself.

Having great product images will help you stand out, and make your online shop will look more professional, resulting in more sales. Which is the aim, right? If you’ve spent loads of time and effort creating an amazing product, don’t undersell it with bad product photos.


Customers need to be confident when it comes to making a purchase, which means you need to make sure the product images you’re uploading cover the following things:

  • The thumbnail image is eye catching, helping to grab the attention of a potential customer while they’re browsing the site.

  • The product images clearly show the size of the product, the colours, and what it’s made from.

  • You’ve demonstrated the purpose of the product, helping the customer to imagine the product in their life.

You get to upload up to ten images to your Etsy listing, so make them count. You’ve got the opportunity to cover all the questions your customer may be asking so here are a few ideas of the type of images you could include in your listing:

  • A brightly lit, simple and clear image of your product on a plain background.

  • Create a scene and show your product in a lifestyle setting.

  • Show the scale by photographing your product being used or worn.

  • Get in close for a shot of the important details that make your product special.

  • Is the product part of a range? Take a group photo and let your customer know there are other items available.

  • Showing how things will arrived packaged gives customers a great idea of what to expect.

  • An image demonstrating how the product is made will emphasise the time and skill that went into creating it.


When creating product photos for Etsy, it’s really important to consider the size and ratio. The ratio refers to how tall and wide the image is, while the size refers to how many pixels.

When a potential customer is browsing Etsy the gallery images that capture their attention need to be a ratio of 5:4. If they’re not this size, you run the risk of the image being cropped on the main gallery page and the product not being shown clearly. However, you also need the image to be able to crop to square for the individual listing page. Here’s an example:


This 5:4 image above is ideal for the main gallery page, but it can also be cropped to square (as shown here on the right) for your listing.


The size of your images is also important as it effects the quality (especially when viewed with the zoom tool). Etsy product photos should be 3000px wide by 24000px tall for maximum quality and size, but a minimum of 1500px by 800x.


When booking a photoshoot with me, simply let me know that you require your product images to be suitable for Etsy and we can discuss the options available - I can also make sure your photos are optimised ready to upload.

Need images for a different platform from Etsy? I can do that too - just get in touch to tell me your needs.