Daily Commutes - FORMAT13

FORMAT is an international photography festival which presents a selection of the best of international photography in a diverse programme of exhibitions and events. Curated by Louise Clements, Artistic Director of QUAD & FORMAT, the festival is hosted & organised by QUAD and the University of Derby.

I'm lucky enough to live in Derby (something you don't hear people say so often!) which is where the festival takes place, so over the past few weeks I've been exploring what FORMAT13 had to offer. One of my favourite exhibitions was Daily Commutes, a project by Debbie Cooper. Here's a few of my photos of the exhibition - 

The project brings together four artists from around the world: Truls Bärg (Malmö, Sweden), Leora Tanzer (New York, USA), Emily Chen (Sydney, Australia), Debbie Adele Cooper (Derbyshire, UK). Each of these artists use phoneography to create and share an intimate portrait of their daily commute.

Their photographs invite the viewer to experience a road that has been travelled a thousand times and observe how the artists reinterpret the minutiae of the mundane into striking and diverse results.

In a world where time is a rare commodity and the opportunities for artists to create are packaged thinly between work, family and commitments; Daily Commutes shows four artists who use the train carriage as their studio and the journey as their muse.

This is a growing project that welcomes artists from all backgrounds who use their regular commute to work creatively. If you would like to contribute to the project please email info@debbiecooper.org